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Lustre✯J looks for designers and artisans around the globe who resonate with our philosophy to provide unique statement pieces.

We do not buy off the shelf – but rather choose to work with our designers to create something that offers a point of difference.

We would love to showcase the entire range of Lustre✯J jewellery, but as most of our designs are very different, unusual and sought after by competing wholesalers – we can only show a small sample of our range. If you are a legitimate trade customer and would like to order please go to our contact page and email us your details including store address, ABN, a photo of your store, and a Lustre✯J sales representative will contact you. Alternatively you can see us at the Reeds Gift Fairs around Australia throughout the year.

Lustre✯J are wholesale only. If you are not a retailer and you wish to purchase Lustre✯J jewellery for yourself, please go to our stockists page, we have wonderful, loyal stockists in each state who support Lustre✯J. We do not list all stockists, so if there is no-one in your area please email us and we will direct you to the nearest retailer.

| Nubian Queen collection | Animalia Kaftan collection | Bohemian Bazaar collection |
| Gypsy Child collection | Seychelles Beach collection | Buffalo Girl collection |
| GP collection | Steel Goddess collection |

Nubian Queen collection — Made in South Africa

Abu Hamed ring   Abu Simbel necklace - Agate and amazonite   Al Dabbah necklace - Natural rock crystal   Ancient Nubia ring   Aswan cuff  - Black agate
Baydua Desert necklace - Druzy and tumbled malachite   Desert Sun cuff - Freshwater pearl   Desert Sun ring - Freshwater pearl   Kerma necklace - Natural rock crystal   Khartoum necklace - Druzy and pyrite points
Kushite Kingdom bangle - Amethyst and black agate   Land of Kush necklace - Agate druzy   Medja Temple bracelet - Agate geodinho   Medja Temple ring - Agate geodinho   Napata necklace - Rose quartz, larimar and agate
Nubian Ruler cuff - Natural crystal cluster   Nubian Ruler necklace - Natural crystal cluster   Nubian Ruler ring - Natural crystal cluster   Nubian Treasure ring - Natural crystal   Pyramids of Meroe necklace - Natural rock crystal and hematite
Queen Amanishakhete bangle - Tumbled malachite   Queen Amanishakhete necklace - Tumbled malachite   Queen Kadimalo necklace - Amazonite   Queen Kadimalo ring - Amazonite   Sudan cuff and ring - Black agate

Animalia Kaftan collection, 100% silk — Made in India

Animalia and Phoenix short kaftans   Animalia skinny leg pant   Birds of a Feather harem pant and long scoop neck kaftan   Junglecat one shoulder and scoop neck kaftans   Junglecat scoop neck - Also converts into a maxi-skirt
Phoenix long kaftan - converts to one shoulder or strapless   Phoenix long kaftan   Spangled Cotinga short kaftan and skinny leg pant   The Tigress kaftan - Converts into one shoulder or strapless   The Tigress kaftan
The Toucan kaftan                

Bohemian Bazaar collection — Made in Turkey

Aiten necklace   Ankara earrings   Bazaar earrings   Bedouin Woman necklace   Boho Chic earrings
Boho Chic necklace   Caravanserai earrings   Desert Haze necklace   Festival Chic ring   Free Spirit ring
Freedom ring   Gypsy Girl earrings   Gypsy Goddess necklace   Gypsy Wanderer earrings   Indie ring
Love and Light ring   Love Me necklace   Love Me ring   Lustre✯J bracelets   Lustre✯J earrings
Lustre✯J rings   Magical Life bracelet   Matahari bracelet   Matahari ring   Of The Earth necklace
Peasant Girl necklace   Persian Bazaar necklace   Queen of the Tribe cuff   Soul and Spirit ring   Spirited Life necklace
Summer Goddess earrings   The Dreamer bracelet   Wanderlust bracelet   Wanderlust necklace   Warrior Princess necklace with blue lapis
Wild And Free bracelet   Wild And Free ring   Anatolia necklace   Arkin bracelet   Desert Steer necklace
Harem anklet   Izmir rings   Kalahari necklace   Moroccan Gypsy earring   Nile Princess necklace
Phoenician necklace   Tribal Luxe earring   Warrior Princess necklace with malechite        

Gypsy Child collection — Made in Florida, USA

Ahawi ear cuff   Boho Princess ear cuff   Festival headband   Gypsy Queen ear cuff   Macawi ear cuff
Mohican headband   Navajo headband   Phoenix and Summer Dreamin' clip-in extension   Taima ear cuff   Vagabond Traveller and Amazon Rainforest ear cuffs
Warrior ear cuff   Wildchild headband            

Seychelles Beach collection — Made in Seychelles

Aride necklace - Aqua   Aride necklace - Black   Aride necklace - Lavender   Baie Lazare necklace - Aqua   Baie Lazare necklace - Black
Baie Lazare necklace - Lavender   Beach Shak bracelet - Available in black, aqua and lavender   Cerf earrings - Available in black, aqua and lavender   Cousine necklace - Aqua   Cousine necklace - Black
Cousine necklace - Lavender   Iles Cocos necklace - Black   Iles Cocos necklace - Lavender   Iles Cocos necklace worn long - Black   Iles Cocos necklace worn long - Lavender
Maia Resort bracelet - Available in black, aqua and lavender   Maia Resort earrings - Available in black, aqua and lavender   Maia Resort necklace - Available in black, aqua and lavender   Moyenne bracelet - Available in black, aqua and lavender   Praslin earrings - Available in black, aqua and lavender

Buffalo Girl collection — Made in Montana, USA

Apache Woman headband (top); Turkey Buzzard headband (bottom)   Boho Chic headband   Buffalo Girl headbands and cuffs   Cheyenne and Gypsy headbands   Cowgirls Rock
Dakota cuff - Creme   Dakota cuffs and Gunslinger cuff - Turquoise and crocodile leather   Dakota cuffs - Brown and bronze with grey crackle   DD Ranch earrings - Aqua   DD Ranch earrings - Brown
Gypsy headband   Makennas gold headband on cowboy boots   Montana cuff; Dakota aqua cuff; Gunslinger cuff   Montana cuff   Sioux headband
Star Blazin blue metallic cuff; Gypsy Spirit earrings   Star Blazin gold cuff; Makennas gold headband   Star Blazin headband and cuff - Metallic blue        

GP collection — Made in Germany

Angel Wings earrings   Bling Bling ring   Bridal Glory earrings   Cha Ching ring   Classic hoop earrings
Cluster Bling earrings   Crystal Cluster ring   Diamonds and Pearls earrings   Double the Beauty earrings - Reversible   Magestic Glitz ring
Nailed It bangle   Sparkle Forever earrings   Style and Shimmer necklace   Swirls of Shine earrings   Tears of Joy drop earrings
The Rock necklace   The Wedding Day earrings   Tinkerbell earrings   True Classic earrings   Wave After Wave ring - RGP
Wave After Wave ring - WGP   White Diamond stack ring            

Steel Goddess collection — Made in Germany

Aphrodite earring - Black   Aphrodite earring - Crystal   Aphrodite earring - Fuchsia pink   Aphrodite earring - Hematite   Aphrodite earring - Turquoise
Dione ring   Dionysis ring   Hathor two-tone bangle   Hecate bangles   Hedetet ring
Hera rings   Hermes rings   Hesmut bangle - Clear crystal   Hesmut bangles - Black and clear crystal   Hestia rings
Isdes square bangles   Isis bangle   Minerva bangle   Nemesis bangle - Black   Nemesis bangle - Clear crystal
Achelois necklace   Adrastea earrings   Aphrodite earrings with Octavia ring in crystal AB   Calypso rings   Cleo earrings
Fortuna earrings   Hecate bangles; Aphrodite earrings; Octavia ring in Montana blue   Isis earrings   Panatis earrings   Selene necklace


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